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Why should you visit Sorrento?

Sorrento, sitting along the sun-kissed cliffs of the Amalfi Coast overlooking the Bay of Naples, invites travelers from all around the world to come and witness its breathtaking views and vibrant ambiance!

This coastal town is wrapped in tales of mythology and history. According to legend, Sorrento was named after Sirens who enchanted sailors with their harmonious voices. The ancient architecture, artistic endeavors, and the legacy of the maritime trade whisper tales of Sorrento’s story. Once a thriving hub of trade and craftsmanship, this coastal gem welcomes its explorers with a glimpse into its rich heritage and small-town charm.

Experience an unparalleled blend of history, culture, and stunning natural and architectural beauty! Lose yourself in the winding streets adorned with lemon scent and savor the flavors of local cuisine while the Mediterranean breeze caresses your skin under the sun.

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A coastal masterpiece where beauty meets adventure, Sorrento is an excellent base from which you can easily explore the stunning Amalfi Coast! And what’s a better way to discover the hidden gems and history of the city than with a guided tour? We know navigating online tours can easily become a nightmare, and ending with your preferred tour getting fully booked because you’ve planned to book it on the spot is simply not worth the risk. That’s why our dedicated team worked hard to come up with the selection of best-value deals online. Take your time and browse through the selection to find the one, or few, that spark your interest!

Our carefully selected Sorrento tours offer insights into the city’s rich heritage. From ancient times, across the maritime legacy and culinary delights, to today’s everyday life, our guides will share insider stories that will make your exploration of Sorrento unforgettable! Meanwhile, the Sorrento boat tours will elevate your Sorrento visit to another level. Whether you want to explore the iconic island of Capri, enter the famous Blue Grotto and witness the spectacular sun reflections inside, or cruise along the picturesque Amalfi Coast, we have it all!

So, there’s no need to hesitate! Browse through our selection and start your Sorrento adventure that is only a few clicks away!

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Join us and our experienced guides to elevate your Sorrento experience. From the city exploration led by a local and a culinary session with a professional cook to a relaxing full-day tour cruising across the sea, we ensured each tour told a chapter of Sorrento’s captivating story!

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FAQ - Boat Tours From Sorrento

Where can you sail to from Sorrento?

Sorrento, located on the Sorrentine Peninsula, makes the perfect spot for discovering the surrounding area due to its proximity to popular destinations. Make your trip to Italy extraordinary with a boat trip to Naples, where you can take in the vibrant atmosphere and cultural heritage that made it a UNESCO-recognized site. With an inclusive boat tour city visit, you can explore the beauty of Capri Island and its iconic Faraglioni Rocks and popular natural attractions like the famous Blue Grotto. Amalfi Coast is another trendy place to visit from Sorrento. With organized Sorrento boat tours, you can spend a day cruising along one of the most popular coasts of Italy, admiring the picturesque towns situated on the cliffs and exploring them on foot. Don't miss your chance to join some boat tours from Sorrento and treat yourself to the coastal paradise of Southern Italy! We highly recommend booking them ahead of time to ensure your spot! The boat tours are top-rated attractions among visitors, and a lot of them get fully booked. So, make sure to reserve your spot for the Sorrento boat tour that sparks your interest and enjoy a seamless experience when the day for your boat adventure finally arrives.

Is Sorrento a walkable town?

Sorrento, with its compact size and pedestrian-friendly areas, is a great place to explore on foot. Most of the town's attractions, restaurants, hotels, and shops are within walking distance of each other, making walking the perfect way to embrace the lively ambiance of this beautiful coastal town. Explore Sorrento's historic streets, such as Costo Italia and Via San Cesareo, and savor a cup of coffee at Piazza Tasso, the bustling heart of the town. Consider joining the Sorrento Walking Tour to gain insight into the town's cultural history, discover insider stories, and try delicious street food that is authentic to the area. Spend your early evening with a stroll through coastal paths and promenades, rewarding you with stunning views of Mount Vesuvius and the entire Bay of Naples.

Is it better to see the Amalfi Coast by car or boat?

Exploring the Amalfi Coast by both car and boat offers breathtaking experiences. Driving along the Amalfi Coast grants the freedom to customize your journey, allowing you to stop at viewpoints and charming villages whenever you want. However, you should know that the narrow, winding, and unpredictable coastal roads often make driving challenging if you're not used to such terrain. Also, usual traffic jams and lack of parking spaces during the busy season can add stress to your journey. On the contrary, a boat tour offers a relaxing day of unparalleled sightseeing filled with sun, fun, and Prosecco. The professional drivers and guides handle all the logistics, allowing you to enjoy your day at the sea. For a more personalized experience, we found the incredible Sorrento private boat tour. That way, your small group can decide on stop durations and an itinerary based on your group's interests.

Treat yourself to extraordinary adventures with Sorrento boat tours!

All the logistics are taken care of – all you need to do is choose the boat tour from Sorrento that interests you the most! Whether you want to cruise along the beautiful Amalfi Coast or explore the iconic island of Capri and its Faraglioni Rocks, we’ve got it covered! Don’t wait any longer – your Sorrento boat tour experience is a few clicks away!

Amazing Sorrento boat tour!

Our boat tour from Sorrento was fantastic. Our captain, Andrea, expertly navigated pretty rough seas in the morning, ensuring our safety and comfort. The experience, filled with sightseeing, swimming, and meeting two other great couples, made a fun day. The Amalfi Coast is truly stunning! 10/10!


We highly recommend boat tours from Sorrento!

Cheers to out guides, Roberta and Rafael - were spectacular, adding depth and insight to our vacation. They explained everything clearly and concisely, and the free-flowing cocktails on our return from Capri didn't hurt. It was so fun I had a flashback to Gilligan Island!


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We’ve found the best-value deals on Sorrento Tours, allowing you to unlock Sorrento’s secrets with our expert guides! Travel back in time with our local guide, sharing historical and cultural stories. Discover hidden gems and try delicious street food with a guided walking tour of Sorrento. Continue your culinary exploration with a cooking class where you can reveal the secrets of Sorrento’s gastronomic delights!

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Get ready to visit Sorrento!

Sorrento, a stunning coastal town situated in southern Italy, offers various experiences based on the time of year you choose to visit. Here are some information for each season in Sorrento.

As it’s a coastal town, summertime is definitely a peak season in Sorrento. During the time from May to September, you can expect sunny and warm weather, perfect for beach relaxation, water-related activities, and days spent on a boat. While the atmosphere is bustling with energy, it’s important to note that this popularity leads to higher prices and crowded streets. We highly recommend booking accommodations and your excursions in advance to ensure an enjoyable visit.

If you enjoy a balance between fewer crowds and favorable weather, the shoulder season is the time for your visit. During October, November, March, and April, temperatures are generally pleasant enough for beach outings and exploration of the town, all while avoiding the scorching heat and large groups of tourists. This period allows for a more serene experience, allowing visitors to embrace the beauty of Sorrento at a more relaxed pace.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a quieter atmosphere, you should visit Sorrento during the off-season from December to February. Despite cooler temperatures and winds that make beach activities and some attractions closed, this time of year offers a unique charm. Additionally, accommodations and dining options might be more accessible and budget-friendly during these months. However, we highly recommend checking opening times and availability in advance, as many places close their doors off-season.

Each season in Sorrento offers its own distinct ambiance. Consider your preferences for crowd levels, weather, and activities, and book your visit to Sorrento accordingly for your perfect adventure.

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Sorrento is a renowned lemon region due to its mild climate and rich volcanic soil, perfect for growing high-quality lemons. Our organized Sorrento tours give you a deeper appreciation of the Sfusato Amalfitano lemon variety and allow you to taste various lemon-based products!