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Spectacular Lemon Tour Sorrento 2024

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30min - 1.5h
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About Lemon Tour Sorrento

Follow the aromatic smell of lemons to the local lemon garden, where an expert will share secrets of the traditional cultivation process. Delight your taste buds with the zesty flavors of Limoncello, marmalades, and aromatic lemon-infused olives! Don't miss the chance to dive deeper into the flavors of Sorrento with the optional three-course menu at the family-run restaurant.


Lemon Tour Sorrento

Discover the secrets behind cultivating the world-famous Sorrento lemons as you wander the timeless lemon garden with an expert guide. He will share the history, centuries-old cultivation practices, and the essence of these famed Italian citrus fruits.

As you reach La Limonaia, a magical place in the heart of Sorrento, the citrus notes will take you on a delightful journey. Stroll the traditional lemon garden, full of lush greenery and vibrant yellow citrus fruits. Each step whispers the stories of generations, the aroma of ripe fruits, and the expertise passed down through time. Your guide will share the history and characteristics of the most famous lemon in the world as you witness the cultivation process. Treat your taste buds to a zesty adventure with a selection of lemon-based products. Sampling the zesty artisanal marmalades, refreshing Limoncello, and the unique taste of lemon-infused olives will enrich your palate with the flavors of Sorrento.

Enhance your experience of Sorrento's lemons with the upgraded tour option, including a three-course meal. With the entire menu made with famous lemons, highly prized for cooking, you can truly taste the essence of Sorrento!

  • Expert tour guide
  • Visit to the Lemon Garden
  • Tasting of lemon-based products
  • Lunch (if option selected)
X not included
  • Transportation
  • Gratuities (optional)
  • English
X not suitable for
  • Wheelchair users
  • People with medical conditions
lemon tour sorrento ()

Meeting Point

Meeting point for the Lemon Tour may vary depending on the option booked.

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Secure your spot now for the Lemon Tour Sorrento & savor the citrus secrets in a traditional lemon garden!

Citrus notes

Stroll through the local lemon garden, where you can admire the beauty of lemon groves and smell the zesty notes of the famous Sorrento lemons.

Lemon's legacy

The guide will share the most deep-rooted lemon traditions and the typical techniques for the cultivation process.

Flavors of Sorrento

Savor the unique flavors of Sorrento's lemon-based products as you taste artisanal jams, famous Limoncello, and many others.

lemon tour sorrento ()

FAQ - Lemon Tour Sorrento

What is the lemon tour?

Lemon Tour Sorrento is an engaging experience that will take you through local lemon groves, offering an insight into the significance of lemons to Sorrentine people. Your local guide will introduce you to the history, cultivation process, and uses of lemons in the region. During the guided tour, you will stroll the lemon garden and follow the process from the lemon tree to the lemon-based products you will taste as a part of the experience. There are various products you can treat your taste buds to, from lemon-infused olive oil to marmalade and the famous Limoncello. If you're visiting Sorrento, we highly recommend joining a lemon tour to treat yourself to the authentic experience and stunning scenic delights!

What is special about Sorrento lemons?

Sorrento lemons have gained world recognition and popularity due to their unique characteristics and delicious aroma. The ideal growing conditions, with plenty of sunshine, little rain, and rich volcanic soil, developed the distinctive taste of Sorrento lemons. They are known for their strong aroma and intense flavor. They're bigger in size than other lemons, with thick peel full of essential oils, making them highly sought after for culinary purposes. Due to their thick peel, they're a popular choice for making Limoncello, a famous traditional Italian liquor. Consider joining a Limoncello Tour Sorrento to treat yourself to a tasting experience of different types of this delicious digestive!

What other tours should I join while in Sorrento?

We found the best-deal tours in Sorrento to make your trip truly unforgettable! Join the Sorrento Walking Tour and follow a local guide to the city's famous landmarks and lesser-known areas. The tour guide will also take you to try some authentic street food, as Sorrento is renowned for its culinary delights. Additionally, consider being a part of a Cooking Class Sorrento, where you can uncover the secrets of making the perfect pasta from scratch from an experienced Italian chef. As Sorrento is a coastal town, it can get pretty crowded during the summer. Escape the people and enjoy a serene exploration of the area with an Amalfi Coast Boat Tour Sorrento. Spend a day cruising the crystal clear waters and discover the beauty of the renowned Amalfi Coast. You can also spend some time traveling back into the past with the Pompeii Tour From Sorrento, where an archaeological guide will take you around the well-preserved ruins of the ancient Roman town.
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Stroll through the lemon grove & sample homemade products!

Good to know before you go

  • Don't forget to put sunscreen and a sun hat on, and bring insect repellent with you.
  • The tour is dedicated to exploring Sorrento's lemon-based products and traditions.
  • You will visit a historic lemon grove showcasing ancient production methods.
  • During the Lemon Tour Sorrento, enjoy a tasting session featuring various products like artisanal jams, Limoncello, and lemon-infused olives.
  • You can book the option with the lunch/dinner included and savor a three-course meal at the home restaurant in the citrus grove.
  • For a full refund, please cancel your Lemon Tour Sorrento up to 24 hours in advance.
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Book your Lemon tour Sorrento now & experience zesty elegance!

lemon tour sorrento ()

A delightful experience!

It was extremely informative and our guide was very engaging. I loved the lemon-infused olives and the serene feeling of being in the lemon grove. I stayed for lunch and the food was so delicious! I highly recommend you do the same!


Highly educational!

The guide's passion for lemon history was contagious. We had perfect timing, as we visited it before the lemon harvest. The lemon garden was truly beautiful, and we had a lot of tasty treats. We even took quite a few as souvenirs at the shop. A must-do experience!


Your citrus-infused adventure awaits!

Follow your guide through the lemon paradise & discover artisanal lemon creations and history!

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